Why Hotel Link Solutions

  • Smart Technology

    Hotel Link Solutions approached the development of the system from the perspective of an operator. We started with what was regarded as best practice a couple of years back and over the past two years have evolved a whole new system resulting directly from our work with small and medium sized accommodations.

    The result is a system unlike any other. It is as powerful as any system out there and more than capable of powering the largest 5 star hotels, however we’ve kept the focus on our core clients.

    • Modular System

      You can start with just what you need today and progressively add functionality as you go. All modules are interoperable and seamless in operation.

    • Dynamic Dashboard

      The dashboard includes all the key information about how you are going. We tell you about what bookings have been made, about who is checking in today/tomorrow, about the number of visitors to your website, the booking conversions, issues you need to address, when your inventory is about to expire and lots more.

    • Intuitive Interface

      We designed and tested the user interface to make sure it is very easy to navigate and we’ve also put little pop-up tips (tooltips) throughout the system to help you with anything you are not familiar with or things you only need to do now and then. There is also a pop-up support tab on every page of the site where you can shoot off a quick message to request assistance.


    • Localised and Friendly

      The extranet support your local language. Finally, there are some really nice little touches, like the ability to get SMS messages sent to you when bookings are made. This is a very nice feature to have when you are busy looking after other aspects of running your business and don’t have the time to be online all day.

  • We Don’t Sell Software, We Provide Solutions

    Sure, we have lots of great software tools, but this means nothing if it doesn’t improve your business results. Our focus is on improving business outcomes for you. We know that what works for a large 4-5 star hotel in a competitive destination will be quite different to what is needed for success running a small lodge or guesthouse in a quiet town. So we advise accordingly.

    To help us identify your needs, we have developed a special diagnostic called our HealthCheck. It allows us to assess all aspects of your current online presence and come up with a solution tailored just to your specific needs.

    The HealthCheck looks at all the critical elements in the accommodation buying cycle (from how you get found on the web (discovery) through selection and bookings to the social elements (experiencing and sharing). It’s the most advanced digital marketing and booking assessment tool out there and it’s been a great help in crafting tailored solutions for clients. The best part: it’s free.

  • We Are Local

    When we started this business and started talking with small and medium sized accommodations, we quickly realised that one of the things clients liked most about us is that we were local.

    So, on the island of Tarawa in Kiribati in the middle of the Pacific, a small client like Lagoon Breeze Lodge can pick up the phone and call our local partner Karotu to get some help. Karotu can then drop by and explain what to do. Face-to-face.  It’s the same story in Vietnam, Greece, Ecuador, Indonesia or Ghana and many more countries. As we expand globally so will our network of local partners grow.

    This local support combined with local language systems makes all the difference and gives clients confidence, knowing that help is nearby. We train our local partners in all aspects of the business and back them up with global support team to deal with any technical issues they can’t fix locally.

  • It’s Safe, Secure and Fast

    Internet services have evolved very quickly and areas like Internet security, speed and affordability have been major areas of focus for us. As a result we now run all of our systems on Amazon Web Services and have availed of recent releases leading software suppliers to ensure our systems are fast, secure, fully backed-up, and available at low cost.

    Gartner, a leading information technology research and advisory firm located in the US, in a recent report said

    “Amazon Web Services remains the top laaS public cloud computing provider, offering the widest breath of services of any vendor in the market. In addition to having a broad range of cloud-based services, AWS also has the largest capacity to handle cloud-based workloads.”

    Its cloud operation was estimated by Gartner to be five times larger than a dozen of its top competitors in the market combined.

    “AWS is the overwhelming market share leader,” the report reads. “It is a thought leader; it is extraordinarily innovative, exceptionally agile and very responsive to the market. It has the richest IaaS product portfolio, and is constantly expanding its service offerings and reducing its prices.”

  • We Have Competitive Rates

    good-pricesJust a few years ago, the suite of tools/services we provide, from web sites through to the channel manger, would have cost thousands of dollars to set-up and many hundreds of dollars a month in service and support fees.

    Hotel Link Solutions has broken the mould and is able to offer complete packages for less than many competitors charge for just one or two modules.

    Contact us, we’d be happy to give you a quote.

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