Our Front Desk solution is designed for small to medium sized accommodations. It is a simple, low cost, and very intuitive system that integrates seamlessly with our booking platform. When building the Hotel Link Solutions Front Desk module we listened carefully to our clients and analysed the best existing systems out there to see what we could learn from them and improve upon, at an affordable price.


The calendar allows front desk staff to see at a glance what is going on.

Several key features stand out like colour coded status, view customisation for two or four weeks, access to guest booking details straight from the calendar, and occupancy data. All you need to organise your accommodation’s daily operations.

Booking Status in Colour

Every guest booking is colour coded to reflect status (completed, operational, and confirmed) with an additional red tag for outstanding payments.

Having all your bookings colour coded helps you to visually understand your hotel situation in any given date.

Easy Access to Booking Details

Basic details about the booking pop up when you ‘mouse-over’ the guest entry. A double mouse click on the entry then opens the full client booking details, enabling you to check guests in or out or to add “extras” to the room. With a right click you will have access to a quick menu. Everything is made to make it easy and fast.

Drag and Drop to Reallocate Rooms 

A drag and drop functionality allows you to move your guest entries around in the calendar to reallocate your hotel reservations. It’s that easy!

Personalized Guest Emails

Our Front Desk system allows you to create a pre-arrival template email for guests (e.g. to remind them of the booking and transport to the hotel) and a post-departure email (e.g. to thank them for their stay and provide a link so they can give their feedback). The number of days before/after the stay can be set for the email.

Easily Add Booking Extras

You can easily add “extras” to guest bookings at any time. Two options are provided. First is a custom entry where you enter the item description and the amount. The second option, for frequently requested items with standard pricing, is a dropbox where the item is simply ticked and added immediately to the guest account.

Guest Account & Invoice

The system generates the final account for the guest on the letterhead of your accommodation. A fully itemised invoice is generated including all extra costs and any pre-payments made.

Click to download our Front Desk brochure.