The Channel Manager connects rates, availability, stop sell and more details to all the key online channels, such as Agoda, Expedia, and Your data updates are automatically  shared with all connected channels.

When a property has 10 rooms available for example, all 10 of these rooms would be input into the channel manager. All of the OTAs with which the property has established contracts can then pull allotment from this pooled database. This means that all channels have access to the same 10 rooms, and the rooms will be booked on a first come, first serve basis.


This is a huge advantage since there is no worry that all rooms get booked out of one OTA, while other rooms are sitting unbooked in another. Channel management saves time for reservation managers since all distribution websites and your own property website are managed from one location. Our system helps accommodation providers improve their room occupancy and reduce the chances of overbooking.

Ready and Easy to Connect

With a seamless connection, accommodations are distributed via OTAs and the GDS. Our Channel Manager is one of the most advanced two-way XML services on the market and connects to over 90 online channels.

Rate Parity is Easy to Achieve

Hotel Link Solutions makes it extremely easy for you to obtain rate parity—consistent rates for all your online distribution channels. It is also possible to adjust your rates for individual OTAs, enabling you to work with different rates for different OTAs.

Connections with Global and  Regional OTAs

Hotel Link Solutions connects your property to the world’s leading booking sites, providing a reliable and secure
way to manage your property’s online distribution. We are always expanding our online network by connecting our system to more and more channels, both global and regional.

We provide direct/indirect access  90+ Online Travel Agent (OTAs) channels.

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