Travellers expect to be able to check live availability and then book instantly, whether via a laptop or a smartphone. If you don’t have a booking widget, or you have one which is not mobile friendly, then you will lose bookings to both competitors and OTAs. An integrated booking widget in a property website is the best way to attract online customers and manage bookings.

Online Bookings Made Easy… Everywhere.

The Hotel Link Solutions Booking Widget was built using the best practices on the market. When we designed our booking widget we spent a lot of time researching the best booking processes, including top players such as Agoda,, and Expedia. We came up with the most friendly and efficient booking process possible.BW-Details-Final

High Conversion Checkout Pages

Everything the traveller needs to make a final “buy” decision (deal details, room details, and booking policies) is right there where the book button is. No need to navigate away to check anything. The result: much better conversions than booking calendar displays and other booking interfaces where travellers need to search in multiple locations to make a final decision.

Check-Out Booking Extras

The booking extras function allows you to offer a number of extra services to your guest while they are completing the reservation process on your website. Airport transfers, tours, special meals, or a spa treatment. It all fits in the Hotel Link Solutions system. It’s easy to add and there are three extra options: per guest per night, per guest per booking, and by quantity.

Ask For Less To Sell MoreCheck-Out

A fast check-out is extremely important to keep visitors engaged in the booking process. It can improve your sales by a huge margin. The Hotel Link Solutions check-out process is all in one page. Booking details, Guest information, and Payment details are easy to see and fill. Our check-out process is  also mobile friendly.

Freedom to Choose Your Payment Method

Guests will want to pay in all kinds of different ways. Hotel Link Solutions provides a selection of Payments Gateways so you can be flexible about payment options with your guests.

Seamless Integration with Your Website

If your hotel already has a website, our Booking Widget can be integrated regardless of the platform you use. It will enable travellers to make direct, instant bookings from your website. You can choose the Booking Widget of your preference: a stand-alone or embedded version. The embedded booking widget can be completely integrated into a website with a streamlined user experience (since the visitor doesn’t have to leave the website). The stand-alone booking widget can be easily implemented as it is a book now type button which takes the traveller to a special landing page.

Search Widget Integration

The search widget allows travellers to initiate the search process from the home page of any website. It can be implemented on the home page, allowing users to input their check-in and check-out dates, and get redirected to the booking page for a faster booking experience.

Everything Works on Mobile

Your visitors will have a good experience when looking, selecting, and booking your rooms using a mobile device. All functions on our Booking Widget are mobile friendly.

When travellers visit your website, you want them to stay and book with you …not go off and book on an OTA site like or with a competitor. Sadly if your website booking widget is not following best practices, it is likely guests will book elsewhere.

Our Booking Widget embodies all of the above and much more. So if you need a Booking Widget, Hotel Link Solutions has what you need and at prices which will make you very happy.

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