Take full control of updates to room rates, inventory, stop sales, and promos for your property. Effectively yield manage and maximise profits. Our Booking Engine provides all the management tools for hotels to optimise occupancy and revenue levels.All your booking in one place

Manage all  your bookings in one place

You have access to booking details from all connected sources, with the ability to edit information and modify bookings. You can create manual bookings in the system. This allows for offline bookings from any source to be loaded, such as bookings over the phone (from local agents), by email, or even walk-ins.

Easy control of your room information

With our Booking Engine you can easily and instantly make updates to your hotel room information. With just a few clicks you can update room types, descriptions, bed configurations, room rate plans, and much more.

Flexibility to sell any kind of room

The Hotel Link Solutions system was designed to allow properties to set up and sell any kind of room configuration. Bungalows, Villas, Cottages, Apartments, Cabins, Dorms… they all fit in our system.

Adjust rates and availability with a few clicks

You keep full control over rates, availability, minimum length of stay, stop sales, and much more to help optimise occupancy levels.

Update-Rates-And-AvailabilitySMS Booking Notifications

We give you the option to have any booking notifications sent to any mobile phone via SMS, especially helpful in remote destinations where internet access can be intermittent.

PMS Connection

Hotel Link Solutions provides a seamless integration with some of the most popular Property Management Systems (PMS) on the market. You can use your PMS solution for managing offline bookings, and benefit from online bookings via Hotel Link Solutions.

Payment Gateways

There are a large number of Payment Gateway options available to accept payments via local banks and a range of other third party payment systems. Hotel Link Solutions is already connected to many payment gateways, and we are able to connect to new ones very quickly in most markets. See Payment Gateways Available.

Get listed on AccommodationCentral

Using the Hotel Link Solutions Booking Engine, your property will be automatically listed on AccommodationCentral.net. It is a portal bringing together a wide selection of accommodations.

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