Hotel Link Solutions Launches its New Platform

After two years of collecting input and a lot of hard work by the tech team in Vietnam, we are delighted to announce the launch of the new Hotel Link Solutions platform along with the new website for the company.

There are some significant new developments with this new system, especially for small and medium sized accommodations (SMEs).

These changes include:

  1. A new dashboard for all SMEs where we display their web metrics (visitor numbers, countries from which visitors are searching, bounce rates etc.), booking numbers, check-ins today & tomorrow and check-outs, booking conversions (bookings as a % of website visitors). The dashboard also displays the current HealthCheck metrics (to track ongoing improvements).
  2. A new SMS messaging service to alert SMEs to any bookings received. This will help a lot for those with poor or expensive Internet connectivity.
  3. A new booking engine with lots of new features including the ability for travellers to book 2 or more rooms on the one booking.
  4. A new screen to allow SMEs to create manual bookings in the system (i.e. a simple front desk system).
  5. A more powerful and secure website system (built in Drupal) with fully responsive websites (i.e. fully mobile enabled) and a much improved range of functionality and flexibility.
  6. A new CMS system for websites with auto sizing capability for all images SMEs load (i.e. they just drag and drop images of any size into the CMS and the system automatically adjusts the images size to fit the system requirements.). No more compressing and re-sizing images is needed.
  7. A new monthly client performance report which extracts data from Google Analytics, the booking system and from the client HealthCheck system. This will let SMEs know how they are trending and will be complemented by benchmarked data once we have enough data in the system to allow this.
  8. A new HealthCheck module which now tracks 55 data points and provides a lot more information. The new HealthCheck website for non-clients has also been launched.