Hotel Link Solutions Launches Free Digital HealthCheck Service

A major challenge for accommodations is knowing where to start with their digital marketing efforts. Some think that once they have a website and a booking engine, they should be doing fine, only to discover there’s been no improvement in bookings at all. This makes it very difficult to know what to do next.

Is it a new website which is needed, or a new booking engine, or are there other things I should spend my money doing?

For the past 18 months Hotel Link Solutions has been developing an online diagnostic tool to help accommodations identify areas they need to focus on. It is known as the HealthCheck and it is based on a thorough analysis of all the important factors in the accommodation buying cycle.

We initially used the system internally to train our sales consultants so that they could better determine client needs, however it became obvious very quickly that it had wider application. First, as a service any accommodation could benefit from, not just those being visited by our sales consultants. This is the new free HealthCheck service accommodation can request.

Next, for clients of Hotel Link Solutions, we continue to track progress using the HealthCheck report and live data from web metrics and bookings. Every month we send clients a report on how they are going and we also do regular 6 monthly HealthChecks. Soon we will release the benchmarking service so our clients can compare their performance with other ‘like’ competitors both nationally and globally.

The HealthCheck service is unique in the industry and a real breakthrough for accommodation owners and operators.