Your company can be the local Hotel Link Solutions partner

We are looking to appoint exclusive local partners in countries where we are not presently represented. We are not looking for a simple re-seller agreement. Rather we are looking for true business partners whom we will train and support at every step in the business.

So, what makes Hotel Link Solutions different?

  • We have the best lead generation tool in the business: the HealthCheck. This service is loved by accommodation providers as it lets them know where they need to focus their attention. We don’t sell them what they don’t need.
  • We do active global marketing to drive inquiries to you and our global team of accommodation marketing experts are available to come and run professional industry workshops for you.
  • We have the most comprehensive and lowest cost product suite of any provider out there, from simple front desk systems all the way through to channel management. It is also fully multi-lingual (front and back end), and supports multiple payment options.
  • We have an end-to-end partner support system, from sales and operations management and tech support right through to an automated billing platform. We also have an active internal blog and knowledge centre, run regular workshops, and involve all of our partners actively in developing the products and the business. We are very much about win-win relationships and building for the long term.
  • Accommodations love our product and business model (working with local partners like you) so we are growing quickly. In our 3 pilot markets in the Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia we went from a standing start to being the largest provider of these services in each of the countries within 12 months.

Partner Testimonials

Helen Atanacio, CEO of Hotel Link Solutions Philippines

“We were the first partner in the Hotel Link Solutions business and have worked closely with the management team over the past two years both in refining the product and developing the support platform we are using today. Andre, Tuan and all the others in the Hotel Link Solutions management team have been of great support. Responsive, inclusive and very much committed to a lasting and win-win relationship.”

ChandraChandra Himawan, CEO of Hotel Link Solutions Indonesia

“The partnership model Hotel Link Solutions has developed has proven to be the perfect mix for reaching the market here. Hotel Link Solutions provides the tools and global support, and we provide the local market knowledge and expertise in reaching out to accommodations. Many accommodation providers in Indonesia are new to online marketing and using booking and distribution systems …so they don’t know what they don’t know. This means we need to do a lot of educating of potential clients. Hotel Link Solutions have not only provided us with all the tools small and medium sized accommodations need, but they have also provided a complete suite of back-office management modules with ongoing support to handle everything from client education and sales, through operations and support to invoicing. This has freed us up to focus all our energies on the clients.

Hotel Link Solution has given us a product that is being very eagerly embraced by small and medium-sized accommodation providers in Indonesia. What we do drives on-line business to our clients – quickly, efficiently and very affordably. The success of our growing list of Indonesian hotels drives, in turn, many other hotels to our doorway seeking our assistance to enhance their on-line presence and sales.. The Indonesian market for Hotel Link Solutions seem limitless.”


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